May 25, 2011

A Beautiful Day !

God , don't you just love when you have one of those gorgeous days ? ..... Well I adore it ! My day started at 6.30am , I normally like to go to bed at this time  , not get out of it !
However I needed to write a fashion article for Suburbia  magazine hence copious cups of coffee were consumed .

I was looking forward to hitting the town . I dressed in my uniform black , with my comfy high -wedged trainers cause I was going to scour some of my favorite stores .

I was meeting my lovely new partner in crime Sinead Burke sometimes known as Lady Gaga . I 'm styling an ultra sexy shoot with Miki Barlok for his super cool magazine None .

One of the first things I said to Sinead was " We need a white horse ! " She replied "ok '" ! ... I was impressed , I kid you not , within 20 mins , we had a white horse , yes a live one , on board !
I met the talented Umit Kutleck and oh my god , he proceeded to pull out some absolutely fabulous feathered skirts , red leathers jackets and I went straight to heaven !
Umit asked me shyly if I wanted some of his shoes and I almost jumped out of my chair when I saw what he  had to offer .... vertiginous heels with feathers ... Umit , I adore you darling !

Sinead and I did the rounds and soon the day was over and I needed to relax, in my office also known as Cafe Novo ... the best cocktails in town !

Gary Connolly , one of my coolest mates met with me and I felt a sin coming on ..... we chatted and soon  the enitre world seem to have landed at our table . Two of my tallest and very beautiful model friends Asheena and Shireen appeared and I though to myself ... I can't mingle tonight  ... damn it !

However this was not to be , was'nt I meeting the charming Mister Frank from Bouchon and Emma , for surely he was arriving with some divine jewels that would be detrimental to my shoot ? Yes and then when the time comes to return them , my heart will ache oh so terribly ???  Qui !!!!
Frank has exquisite taste and his store in Malahide will drive you insane simply because one is spoilt for jewel choice when you enter this sparkly kingdom over-flowing with beautiful things !

After many hours discussing our love of fashion , vintage and all things marvellous , I decided to bid all my wonderful friends farewell ...... What a beautiful day ............

Love you all ridiculously darlings

Bisous .


Lindyloo said...

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Lindyloo said...

Hey Maria, check your message from me on FB xxxx Lynda