Jan 8, 2011


Last tuesday my facebook thought of the day read " Sam Homan by Sacred Style , what a wonderful start to a wonderful new year " . Let me tell you about this . My fabulous soul mate and work partner Biba Logan and moi are the duo known as Sacred Style . I honestly believe that people do not appear in our lives without a reason . Biba has an incredible vision and she captures my creative vision divinely . Our fashion shoots are effortless and we get so excited about our subjects , its not funny ! 
Last week when I woke I was super excited . We were meeting with Sam to shoot our first fashion shoot of 2011 .
Everything felt so perfect , gorgeous house , stunning model Sam , props and cool clothes . As soon as we entered the house and started to shoot we were in heaven .
 Don't we love Sam ? Total sweetheart and kinda very easy on the eye eh ..... However there is a lot more to this guy than simply a perfect body and beautiful face . Sam is a pastry chef . His dream is to open a patisserie . Obviously !!!
For this shoot I decided to dapper Sam . I picked up the cool cream pants and silk shirt in Harlequin . His wonderful phython bordeaux shoes are also from the same store . They were too tiny for Sam however they were too amazing that I simply had to have them to complete this silhouette . Sorry for hurting you Sam ! X

 The photo above I adore ..... I fell in love with this smoking jacket from Jenny Vander . I popped in to wish the lovely Marion a happy new year however when I enter this haven my attention span weavers and I left the store with lots of bags filled with  gorgeous things ❤

 I love jewels for guys . Instead of using a pochette I popped in a vintage diamond necklace . Diamonds can be a boy's best friend also ! However note Sam's piercing eyes in the photo above , no need for too many diamonds when styling this guy ! Love your work Biba baby ! ❤
 Now here are some photos that need no words , they speak for themselves . Sam is also an actor and this became very apparent when Biba  shot this series of images . Sublime .... enjoy .

At this point of the shoot things got tough . It was freezing however we brought the now scantily clad Sam down to the creepy basement for some more fun ............

The Passion of Sam
These photos are rather powerful , don't you agree ?  If it had not been for the bitter cold and if we were haertless we could have stayed in this place styling and shooting Sam all day ! This was not a  Carlsberg advert !

Silk blue robe,-same colour as Sam's eyes -Purrfect co-ordination

Sam darling , Biba and I love you very much and we ask for your forgiveness . But you know what , despite the torture of the cold , these images are so incredible that it was so worth it !!!! Don't you agree baby ? ❤

Sam wears a gold VSL cuff
Finally I got Sam dressed again  . I think he's beautiful at the best of times but all black is so great on him . A vintage lace scarf and last though not least a VSL cuff . Love this piece of jewellry !! Attention boys and girls ...... VSL have a seriously covetable collection of cuffs . I am currently smitten with the cyrstal glove which is simply to die for . J'adore  ❤ . 
I adore this shoot ......

What a beautiful day .....

Merci Sam for being so wonderful ......

Love working with you Biba .....................

A massive thank you to Paddy for always saying Yes when I ask for my house ! .....

Lots of baci X


Anonymous said...

I love you and am blessed to get to work with you , I asked god to find me a creative partner and you showed up .. Let's get on with it honey x x x

Bonzie said...

Epic shoot ladies!!! I would certainly purchase croissants from that pattisserie!!!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous shoot!! great everything!

Rory said...

fab shoot Maria darling!

Anonymous said...

these pictures are fabulous!
follow me :)

Blogger said...

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