Dec 29, 2010


Its almost over .....  hallelujah ! I will not be sorry to see the back of 2010 . It has been a toughie in many respects though recently , the dramatic snow manged to tame the party animal in me and led me into  solitary confinement !
It was time to gather my thoughts and  think about precious moments I've had with some special people in my fashion life and life .

Without any further adue ,  I need to rant and rage about Rynair . On Christmas eve I was travelling  to Rome however  THEY  decided to keep us on a plane for 3 hours and take us nowhere  !! Ensuite we  spent 12 hours in the airport obtaining confirmation of cancellation from this pathetic airline company . At this point I was fairly fuming and  I'm surprised at my level of temper management ,  no-one was harmed at the Rynair desk !
My new year resolution that will not be broken is 'I will never ever travel with those idiots again ! '

In no  particular  order ........  Paolo Borza . Paolo is one of the most creative creatures I know and adore.
He has an inimitable sense of style and a huge creative streak . He writes movies and for all these reasons he is highly recommendable as a best friend !  When I'm lost or in need of direction in my creative field or life  he is the one I usually harass !!


Paolo and I moved to Paris in the late  eighties to study fashion . We studied little and partied hard . I remember spending many a week night gallivanting in Les Bains Douches with up and coming designers Gaultier and Mugler  who at that point were carving their niche  on the fashion scene . We blagged our way into fashion defiles in the louvre tents.  We mingled with les parisians by night and by day we worked with various fashion brands . They were fun times and I am happy to report  we made the most of our vie en rose !
As you all know at this stage I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Paolo on his movie Doll . Doll tells the story of a 60 year old ex beauty queen . She is in a confrontational crisis between a  privileged past and a present of overwhelming insecurity  .  Her vitality is so great that despite her currently
disastrous life, she will succeed in finding her sought after peace of mind, with the motto "Live life to its fullest " .
Attention producers !!!!  Paolo is currently looking for a co-production for his divine movie .


 All the images above are by Biba Logan . Biba is a visual goddess and I have the pleasure of working with her on a regular basis . We are known as the Sacred Style duo . We  collaborate  and produce fashion shoots for individuals and corporate clients . We share a creative vision and a voracious passion for beautiful people . Biba has a wicked knack for capturing that perfect moment .  I style the subject , Biba focuses  and shoots , and together we produce some incredible images , even if I say so myself ! Can I also add that working with this woman is painless , we enjoy our time together and our subjects always have fun .
Don't they say " Enjoy what you do , and you'll never work a day in your life ! "

Last week we did a shoot with an incredibly talented young actor Thom Jordan . We went to the docklands even though it felt more like Siberia . Here is a little taster of the fun that was had on the day .

Tails and Jeans are Thom's .. He 's got great style ! Grandad Shirt @ Harlequin


Thom looks pretty cool in my fur hoodie !

Perfume Pomegranate by Jo Malone . My favorite !

Thom relaxes in a leather biker jacket avaiable from Harlequin


Gorgeous leather biker @ Harlequin

Love love love  this photo Biba darling ...... ❤

Gold Lame Hoodie in the Sky @ American Apparel

Fur coat @ Bernanrdo's . Shirt and silk tie @ Harlequin

It was crazy how cold it was and we did feel a pang of guilt  for our lovely  Thom so we took him to a hotel for the rest of the shoot .

Looking at these images it was so worth it !

Thom , you are a sweetheart  and hope you enjoyed your day with the Sacred Style team as much as we did.


I'm feeling like Andy Warhol these days !!!!!  I'm currently reading  his diaries and I love the way he surrounded himself with creative friends . I  realised recently  that I 'm surrounded by lots of like-minded people , creative souls , photographers , stylists , designers etc etc  . Et j 'adore !!

Some time ago my fabulous friend Gary Connolly  asked me to style his forthcoming work of art / project   Ophelia .
I got very excited ..... the gorgeous and  amazing  Deirdre Morissey was to be Ophelia . I needed one of  my favorite make-up artists Seana Long  whom  I have  re-named my baby Picasso ,  to be on board .
The team was complete . Gary took us to the cutest  picturesque lake in Howth .
We had an incredible day and Gary had the patience of a saint . I would not allow Ophelia to drown until her make-up was perfect !
Ophelia will be unveiled at Gary's photographic exhibition early next year .
Gary darling , since you showed  me that small print outside your office , can't get that incredibly beautiful  image out of mind !
Hurry up honey , you have to share her with the world !

I'm so happy and honoured to be included on Faye 's list for most influential stylist in Ireland . I'm so chuffed with the tremendous support I 'm receiving . Keep up  the great work guys and continue voting please !

At this point I need to express a little disappointment with the the Irish magazines and newspaper editors .  Most publications will not publish new work and the village mentality that exists in these circles is tedious and so passe . I am happy to inform all fashionistas a new fashion forward magazine will be launched soon in Dublin . Watch this space darlings.......................
And this is why we adore blogs ! No need to submit and wait for approval !!!!

Would love to share with you darlings a  Sacred Style shoot we did some time ago . The location is a properly dilapidated Georgian house here in Dublin .
I focused on Irish designers . We have some wonderfully talented designers on our shores . I aim to support them and promote their talents as often  as possible . Why ? Because they are so worth it !!!

In this shoot I featured luscious gowns by the adorable Dawn Fitzgerald . Gliding into one of Dawn's gowns , you instantly feel like a   Marlene goddess I promise you .

Another Irish duo that I totally love and adore is Bonzie Crotty . Girls , your collections are the cutest !
I often wear my fingerless lace glove adorned with stuff a la Bonzie ! I am smitten with the frilled sash / belt that I like to use as head gear also .

I would suggest that you investigate some seriously gorgeous designs by Claire O Conner , Claire Garvey , Aisling Clancy and jewellery by Adam King .

Aine Kilbride is one name that most certainly marked 2010 for me . I was strolling past Om Diva  , who have recently moved to Drury street . A long dress made from ribbons sewn together encircled the mannequin and cummulated into a mass of ostrich feathers, stopped me dead in my tracks . It was love at first sight !

I promise to keep you updated on all my Irish loves that I will continue to find as I wander the streets of Dublin .

Biba and I want to say a massive thank you to Asheena , Sofia , Cici , Nicole and Dilly for being so beautiful .

We enjoyed this shoot so so much and I have to say it remains one of my personal little favorites .

Lots of Bisous

Sacred Style  aka  Maria + Biba 
Sofia wears award winning robe by Aine kilbride

Sofia wears silk jacket by Claire O'Conner + Legs by Claire Garvey
Cici  does her thing and wears Dawn Fitzgerald

Cici wears an Aishlinn Clancy dress + Bonzie Crotty sash
Cici wears a stunning leather coat by Claire O'Conner
Asheena wears a Claire Garvey Collar and Claire O'Conner Dress
 ❤ Beautiful girls in beautiful creations ❤
Nicole wears a Dawn Fitzgerald gold gown
Cici wears a Dawn Fitzgerald delight .. Dilly follows her .......
                                                              ❤    ❤     ❤     ❤                                                            

Before I sign off , I will quickly mention a few people who spiced up my 2010 . They include Geraldine O'Callaghan who always brings me lots of laughter , Virginia Macari who shares my passion for fashion ,  Danielle Meagher for making me her style icon , Una Williams who has a huge heart and always  a camera at hand  , Mags and her sexy leathers , Nicky Harris who loves all things beautiful , Paola and her madness which I adore , Deirdre Morissey because she is  gorgeous, Kamal Ibrahim  because he's Kamal , Maurice Flynn my hair man , Seana my baby picasso , Cara for my natural eyelashes , Marian@ Jenny Vander's because I adore her , Susan, Fiona and Aoife because I love Harlequin , Luca and Paul + co @ Novo Cafe aka my office , Ruth @ Om Diva for being the sweetest , Theresa Rocca - my sweetheart ! Emma English-my beautiful angel .  Claire Malone cause she is the cutest rock chick , Hayley and the boys who never kick me out from Lillies , Donna + Viki @ VSL for creating the crystal glove , Jacqui Corcoran and Karla Elliot for simply being there . One must always save the best till last..... my favorite guy in all the world has to be ..... Fabio Ferri, my amore !!!  ❤
Now I probably have forgotten tons of people however if so , just smile and blame it on my dementia !

The Gorgeous Asheena wears a Claire Garvey Necklace


I'm ready for 2011 . I've got a feeling it will be fabulous .

Wishing you all a glamorous and gorgeous New Year .

Massive Bisous


Nicky Harris said...

Fabulous post and very best wishes for 2011. Looking forward to seeing you lots and enjoying life. Nicky

Gary Connolly said...

lovely to be included in your blog but more importantly in your life of creativity, what a wonderful friend you have become. xx

Anonymous said...

Maria, great reading. Fab post.
Its always a pleasure & inspiration to
work with you.

Sharon said...

Fabulous Maria, It makes me want to move to Dublin you make it sound so the centre of the world....keep it up and good luck with 2011.....XXX