Dec 5, 2010

Maria loves ..........

Darling followers ... I beg for your forgiveness ! I have nt blogged in what seems like a lifetime . I 've so much to tell you though I'll make it short and sweet with photos ...... I promise !

In recent weeks I 've had some amazing moments and  met some incredible sweethearts .
I've had special times with my fashion soul mate Nicky Harris . I meet with Nicky and we discuss fashion and all things beautiful for hours !!! She is a true fashionista and I look forward to some extraordinary fashion ventures with this divine lady . Watch this spazio .......................

Photo by Biba Logan @Yarddog Productions   
Nicky , Geraldine , Una and I took ourselves to the launch of Pink some time ago ... I dare say . Wow what a turn out for Robbie . It was great to see all the support and love for this guy . The venue was packed and I spent the night saying hello to ....... well everyone !!!
In honour of Pink , I wore some vintage pink Escada glasses which I picked up in Om Diva . Love this shop ...... and pink gloves from Jenny Vander's. La piece de resistance was my black turban which I embellished with glorious jewels from Coco boutique .

Recently I was working on a shoot and I visited Maven boutique . This elegant boutique is by the sophisticated Sharon whom I adore immensely . She's got a sharp fashion eye and if I may say so , Maven is one of the most gorgeous boutiques in the city . My lust list includes a leather clutch from Talua de la lune , a cashmere cardigan from Sian Jacobs and a piece of jewellery from Ms Beatty Jewels .  Ok ok , I would be enchanted with almost any piece from this beautiful store .... are you reading this boyfriends ???????

 Antonia Leslie and me @ Lisa Fitzpatrick's recent book launch.

I want to tell you about one of my current loves ... Dawn Fitzgerald 's dresses . Take a look at my dress in the photo above .. do you love it as much as I do ? Its a true 1940's style , emerald green silk wrap dress, simply delicious . Dawn's savoir faire delights me every season . Black silk opera coats , stunning dresses only in luxurious fabrics , shocking colours and fine french laces ... what more could a glamorous girl ask for ? Dawn is a true temptress and her collection ouzes pure sex appeal.  I would strongly advise you to visit this hot designer for your forthcoming festive wardrobe .

Virginia Macari and me @ Forever 21 launch

Ladies , remember when in doubt , do black and accessorise ! When I confer with glamour puss Virginia as to what we should wear for a soiree out on the town , we always agree .... Black is the new black !!!! A simple black silhouette and then play with the accessories . Backcomb the hair and pile high , some dangly earrings , I personally never wear two same earrings , I prefer one long jewel and a diamond or pearl in the other lobe . I do love diversity ..... A vintage foulard or a neckpiece or both , some killer heels , a cocktail in hand and we are ready to party ...........
Whilst writing I 've been rather distracted by the movie Bodyguard . For divine inspiration take a look at Whitney's wardrobe ....... so divine !!!!!  Kevin is also rather inspiring , however do try to focus on the clothes and stunning styling darlings ... Luckily we ladies are fabulous at multi -tasking !!!!

                                                  We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.
                                                                               ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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