Dec 6, 2010

Snow and random stuff.

Initially I compared the snow that is gracing us to a luscious white cashmere carpet however my opinion since last week has dramatically changed . Lets face it darlings  , there is not a single   pair of stiletto heeled snow boots to be had in Dublin city !!!!! We're just not fashionably equipped for these dramatic weather conditions .... very sad state of affairs .
Fret not .... I am here to help re-dress the nation and offer sensual cosy solutions to numb the chill we are experiencing.
Sensible thermal undies ... No no no !  Strictly  unappetizing , quelle horreur !!! Instead think silk knickers , vests and t-shirts . Contrary to common belief silk is a warm fibre so lots of sumptuous silk layering is required . Remember one of my main fashion beliefs is  to  wear only what makes you feel amazing , nothing less . How glorious is the sensation when you glide into your silk french knickers and camisole ? I reccomend hand washing all silk pieces in Bold detergent - silk and jasmine . Not only will your lingerie feel amazing but it will also be deliciously perfumed !
  Ensuite , I would suggest an opulent cashmere sweater or dress . Drape a flamboyant pashmina over the dress and we're almost there .
I would never exit the house in arctic temperatures without an adorable vintage fur coat . If you don't already have one , shame on you . Recently  I stumbled upon a gem of a store in Rathmines , Green with Envy  . The wonderful Margareth who runs this store is a sweetheart and stocks gorgeous pre-loved fur coats and jackets .
Bare  in mind , to complete this hot silhouette , one's extremities need to be smothered in fur also .  Nothing compares in the style stakes  to a fur russian style hat . Sharp black sunglasses to combat the dazzle of the snow and thigh high boots , almost flat , did I just say flat ???? ,  fur lined of course and you are ready to brave the blizzard !!!

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Daphnee Guinness and me Sept 2009
David LaChapelle and Daphnee Guinness had the pleasure of working with me last year .   Daphnee is one of my ultimate fashion icons . This fascinating woman I adore ! ❤

Mark Andrew Adams and me by Biba Logan@Yarddog Productions
I swear I did'nt !!!!!!........... Unbelieveable shoot will follow soon . I ❤ Biba and Mark ..........................

Nick Munier and me @ Nick's book launch Boiling Point.

Celebrity chef Nick Munier is a cool  charming monsieur . I enjoyed our french ! Lots of continued success with Pichet and Boiling Point cheri ! X

Thitia@ Stylirish , Catharine Fulvio and me

Thitia , Catharine and I had an appetizing chat at Nick's book launch . Catharine and her husband Claudio suggested we visit them in Sicily ... We take our offers seriously .... siamo en route !!! X
Stylirish is the brainchild of Thitia + Maria . Take a look at what this creative Italian duo are doing ..... brings 'social work' to a whole new level !!!!
Bacionissimi belle donne  xxxxxxxxx
Catharine Fulvio e  Maria Fusco
                                                            I declare ..... Life is too short for basics ! ❤



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Oh Maria, Daphne is one of my heroes!