Dec 8, 2010


Sometimes life is extraordinary ! Recently when Biba and I met the charming Mark Andrew Adams we shared the same thought ... We  have to shoot  this guy , it would be so rude not to !!!

We immediately put a date on the shoot and chose a location . I was so looking forward to shooting a guy . Most of you will think there is no need to style a guy  . So wrong !!!  Biba and I have decided to take on the male population in Ireland and create fashion  shoots worthy of submission to Vogue Uomo Italia.     Both of us have a dear love for beautiful men !  Biba is currently doing some great work with  professionale boxers . I love working with this girl because she has a sharp eye for detail and our shoots are always pain free  and fun . She has the ability to put our models at  total ease . Mark did not flinch once when she asked him to remove his clothes ..... And I was of course delighted ! Mark's  spectacles  needed constant adjusting , and I was only to happy to attend to my duties .......
Mark , you're a total sweetheart and adorable , we both enjoyed working with you and hope you love the photos as much as we do . X

Mark wears a gorgeous jacket from Indigo and Cloth .
When I chat with guys in Dublin they always tell me there are no cool menswear stores in this city . Not true !   I never have any difficulty shopping for men or women  , though sometimes I would prefer for it not to be as easy ! .

  My ultimate store for guys  is Indigo and Cloth . Situated in a basement in south william street , this store has the coolest menswear in the country . Acually I love everything about this place  including the edgy ladies collections . Gareth the owner  will happily point out if you're looking for bling bling and sparkly this is not the shop for you ! I picked a simple black dress from the rail and I just  knew it would drape and skim the body in all the right places !

Sorry guys , I've drifted ... lets get back to you . I would suggest you get your cute bums to this store asap . The space is funky and edgy and I love the energy . Its the type of store I usually find in Paris and London , minus the pompous attitude .The lovely Gareth knows his product inside out and will happily chat and suggest suitable pieces for you .

Gareth darling .... loving your work and enthusiasm for beautiful and  discreet clothes for men and women !

PS : The new magazine corner ........ J'adore !


Now I know I always rant about Harlequin . But only because I always manage to find what I 'm looking for . During Mark's shoot I suddenly realised he would look amazing in a panama hat and a silk scarf . After a brief think , I went to Harlequin where Fiona is always so helpful . She had everything I needed and more . Their menswear is in the basement and I found the perfect wool tailoured waistcoat for Mark . Guys this place is perfect if you have a great eye and a small budget . Harlequin have a superb selection of hats and vintage ties .

Its the type of place where I would love to organise a lock-in ! An ali baba cave crammed with lots of irresistible clothes and accessories for boys and girls !

Lots of kisses to Susan and Fiona   ❤

I do love my spectacles as you all know and altough I would normally do most of my glass shopping in Rome  I am  now very fond of Optilase in Dublin .

They have a spectacular collection
of brands , including the gorgeous Cutler and Gross which rates high in my love stakes !

Rachel or Steven will happily show off their catalogue and the choice of colour is almost over whelming !!

Another one of my sweethearts is PattiPaillette . 
You need to see this girls ..... very very cute !!

@ Darling  Mark , I must say  the emerald green Cutler and Gross frame was so gorgeous on ya  !!
Mark's gorgeous shoes are Lanvin for H+M .
Just a little note on this collection  Menswear = Totally Divine !
Ladieswear = Soso !

The queing system was fairly ridiculous and 15mins to shop only ..... Amusing if nothing else

As you know I am a lover of contradictions .... Therefore a
slick guy in a sharp suit will of course require some rock'n
roll jewellry . Where ?  Genius of course ! This store is
reknowned for their casual gear , jeans and hoodies etc .
They also stock an incredible range of watches and jewellry for men !
I fell in love with a gorgeous watch from Fossil . Big
face on a chunky luscious red leather strap that was so perfect
for my styling intentions with Mark.

A man's choice of watch is detrimental to his charisma .
One of the sexiest part's of a man is a tanned wrist with
a bold chunky timepiece . An ostentacious watch will always
set my pulse racing !

Leather bracelets and chunky link bracelets from Diesel ,
Fossil and Stream also delighted me .

And if like me you don't want to see another Dolce and Gabbana
rosary bead , check out Uno . Silver chains with
ornate crosses to die for !

Genius also stock cool leather trainers which are so right
worn with a sharp suit , a black  v neck t-shirt +heavy wrist jewels .
A man must always smell good and my favorite scent at the moment is
Terre D' Hermes . Not to be sprayed sparingly .....Lots si 'l vous plait !!
A huge thank you to all at The Westbury Hotel . XXXX


Biba  + Mark ... I had so much  fun with you . Lots of love . ❤


           It’s not the men in my life that counts, it’s the life in my men. ~ Mae West


Anonymous said...

This is the most stylish post I have seen
You are so great and i have had the best laugh reading this today xx thank you for working with me

Sasha said...

Brilliant photography and of course styling. Dear Maria,love your articles and can't for another one,preferably about menswear with a male models shoots (by the way chaud chaud chaud lol) XXX

Anonymous said...

Maria you are a style god. Your get up and go persona and never say no attitude is an inspiration. If everybody had you positive attitude the world would be a better place. You and Biba are a match made in heaven, i had so much fun working with you guys and look forward to working with you again really soon. Much love, Mark xx

Fabio Ferri said...

You're such a naughty little darling, aren't ya?
I ,loved the briefs.....
love always, lady.

Anonymous said...

He's getting done for money smuggling , probably drub money