Jan 22, 2011


I feel I am being moved gently along in a  beautiful direction .  Since forever I have collected religious iconography . I have amassed a stunning collection of Madonnas from all over the world . I recall years ago when I was slowly going crazy looking  for a name for my new venture . I was in Florence having dinner . Suddenly I stopped all the banter at the table . One of my favorite songs was playing ....the Ave Maria . That was to be the name I had searched for endlessy !

Now I am part of the Sacred Style duo with the lovely Biba Logan . We  aim is to create magical images for the world to enjoy.  In the past you commissioned a canvas .... now Sacred Style will photogragh and style timeless images for the world .

Together we will work towards a photo exibition entitled " Biblical Times By Sacred Style " .  which will take place in december 2011. Seems like forever ... though time flies when you 're having fun !

 This Madonna shoot is the first in the biblical theme . We chose the beautiful Sefania Borza as our stunning Madonna . It was Stefania's first shoot ever  . I adore this girl . She slipped into her role confidantly , not one nerve apparent !!! Well done gorgeous , you were amazing and I look forward to working with you again very soon . X

We shot on location in a gorgeous building which is home to TWI fabrics. Chris , the boss has the patience of a saint . Thank heaven ! Now I have to tell you about something very strange and amazing that happened . When Biba and I are were looking for a location for the shoot I was adament about locating a celesial blue room for our Madonna . We were under considerable pressure and it did'nt happen . However while I was busy draping Stefania , Biba tells me , " come see what I've found ! "
We ran upstairs and low and behold ..... A celestial blue room !!!!!! Complete with ornate high ceilings and behind the door ...wait for it .... a tiny picture of a madonna ! Thank you God !

This shoot was the beginning of something very special . Biba and I are on a creative journey together and its full steam ahead . Biba darling , I adore the way you capture my vision . Every shoot we do together is my new favorite . I am so happy to have you in my life . X

A massive merci to the adorable Seana Long from Makeup Forever who always says yes when I call last minute to work her magic on my models . She is one of the most talented makeup artists  . I love this girl .... Thank you baby . xxxx

And a huge merci to Maurice Flynn who gets me totally when it comes to hair . Maurice you 're a total sweetheart . Thanks honey . xxxx

Shoot Concept - Sacred Style
Stylist - Maria Fusco
Photograher - Biba Logan
Model - Stefania borza
Makeup - Seana Long
Hair - Maurice Flynn
Location - TWI Fabrics. Dublin


“Always stay close to this Heavenly Mother, because she is the sea to be crossed to reach the shores of Eternal Splendour.”
-Saint Padre Pio

                                               ✛ ✛ ✛ ✛ ✛ ✛ ✛ ✛ ✛ ✛ ✛


Anonymous said...

i love this shoot, it is iconic, classic and incredibly beautiful, it is disturbing yet magnetic in the way all religious icons are.

the irish photographer

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