Apr 18, 2011


Gladys me and a wonderful 1920's eventaille
Girls , have you ever looked into your overflowing wardrobe and wailed " I've got nothing to wear ?
Does the thought of seeing someone in the same dress at the same party bring you out in a cold sweat ? Do you long to wear gorgeous labels such as Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel however the budget always seems to lack ...... Would your life be more than perfect if you only had more accessories ???
If so you absolutely have to visit some of our fabulous vintage stores and fairs all over the country . Last sunday I paid a visit to the Vintage fair in the Royal Marine Hotel . The sheer glamour and fun was enough to set my fashion pulse racing ....... then I began to prowl through the stands overflowing with glamourous covetable things !      
I found true love in the form of a turtle fan complete with black feathers..... fans being my latest fashion trademark when I'm working the party scene . Honestly , I thought I had died and landed in heaven when I stumbled upon Gladys . I felt a strong style bond with this fabulous lady . Alluring lacey dresses , fluffy eventails , headpieces decorated with diamonds and shiny stones ....... I have found another soulmate complete with vintage savoir faire and style substance !

Gorgeous Gladys model .. Note the tiny waist !
 I met the wonderful Frank from Bouchon in Malahide . I 'm always delighted when I meet this gent because like me he has a love for the finer things in life . In his store you will find the most beautiful of trinkets .... Pearl necklaces with diamond frogs , unusual pieces sourced from all  over the world . A store that is reminiscent of the stores in Rue St Honore , Paris . He has exquisite taste and we could talk forever however we had a lot work to do ... we needed to get some more dresses for his lovely girls .
Incredible mink coat with fox collar .....I 'm dreaming about it !
I often think anyone can take a stroll down the high street , spend some money , and be fairly fashionable ..... but why not try for something more of substance, an outfit that suggests hidden depths , imagination and allure ? Thinking along these lines I popped into the Jill and Chris at Butterfly Girl Vintage and oh my gawd ! Apart from being the sweetest of human beings , they have some very flirty dresses , some gorgeous jewels including a Vivienne Westwood Swatch and  some really nice price tags  . I picked out a beautiful chocolate brown persian lamb cape trimmed with fox at a tiny tiny price . I spotted an Yves Saint Laurent  jacket and a young girl trying a suede jacket with maching shorts that had once belonged to a very affluent lady from Chelsea ...... Jill honey , I'm looking forward to meeting you in London very soon . X

The better clothing of the past has construction to die for so can you imagine my excited state when I saw Claire , and from under the table she produced a Thierry Mugler dress for me  .... oulala , my ultimate hero , he who produced dresses that combined Hollywood retro and futurism , with rounded hips, sharpely accentuated shoulders and a hint of galactial heroine ! Je t'aime Thierry ! Bisous ....
So darlings , if like me , you will not settle for anything less than fabulous , next time you are in the mood for some retail therapy , wiggle along to some of the great vintage stores I adore such as
Dirty fabulous , Jenny Vander and Green With Envy . I'll keep you posted ....................

A massive merci to Donald , my photogragher and chaffeur for the day , and best friend forever ! XXX

Connoisseur's Tip : A garment's true value lies not in its label, but in its workmanship .


Lilac Fashion said...

Love vintage!
And very good tip, agree 100%.


Paolo Borza's Doll said...

Can't wait to see your new vintage Mugler!

Nicky Harris said...

Loving this post, and that coat, wow!!!

Sarah said...

That mink coat - beautiful!