Oct 22, 2010

Decadent Couture ...... J'adore !

Decadence is one of my favorite words , it implies a multitude . Remember Cabaret , the movie starring Liza Minnelli  ? One of my favorite scenes ... Liza  extends her hand , showing off perfectly manicured , long green nails and exclaims ..... "Divine decadence darling ! "
With this in mind I took my glamorous troupe and me to Nth Gr Georges st in Dublin . My best friend Virginia Macari , Kamal Ibrahim aka Mr. World , Cristiona Aston and Zainab Husseini all agreed to me re-styling them  .
Seana Longue , my girl Picasso , was looking after make-up for the crew .
Dejan Karin was to shoot the story . We were on route to a rather fashionable afternoon ............

Contradictions is another word that plays a big part in my fashion vocabulary . I love contradictions in a silhouette . Let me explain , take your favorite red pvc pants and team with a vintage cape . Next a basic sexy black Cotton Lycra vest ( something we girls should  all have lots of ... ) . Slip into a vertigo killer heel or throw on a pair of ancient biker boots and we're almost there . Back comb your hair to death , the bigger the better ,   recklessly pin hair and wrap some lace ribbon or even a diamond necklace  through it .

Divine decadence is born !!

Remember a small detail ladies when shopping . Only buy what you really love . If you don't ooh and aah when you spot that fabulous dress or clutch etc , put it down and walk away . Only purchase if its love at first time !!!!.... romantic fashionistas we must be  forever !

For this shoot I popped into Miss Fantasia , as you all know are perfect for sexy heels , corsets , pvc pants and lots of other cute necessities!

Marion is my accessory sweetheart in Jenny Vander's . Vintage laces , sparkly jewels , silk slips.... I adore this shop !!!

Finally , Ruby Ruby in the Hibernian Mall is so fabulous ! "Already loved "designer pieces you will find here . Chanel bags , Hermes  scarfs , Gucci shoes ....... I'm in heaven !

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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Una said...

Fatastico.....loved that movie too...enjoying your blog once again,thank you....xxx