Oct 20, 2010

Addictions ........

Wrote a great piece and had some wonderful photos to post however image uploads are disabled.......

Never mind ..... lets talk scents ! I am a serious  perfume addict .  I tend to shy away from commercial brands . I like strong musky pungeant scents .

I adore men's perfumes ... I also like them on me ! One of my all time favorites is Avignon by Comme Des Garcon .. is'nt there a joke about that !!!
On a serious note , there are 4 perfumes in this story , my favorite being Incense . Not everyone appreciates this church like scent . I love it because when I wear it people follow me and are curious about what I'm wearing .

Another great one is  L'Artisan Parfumeur - Passage D' Enfer ... Passage from hell ,  do we not love this name ? Again an intense perfume .I will not bore you with the details but I would suggest you run to the shops and purchase !

Arabic perfume oils are also divine . When in Marrakesh or somewhere fabulous like this , pop into one of their old world style perfume stores . Choose your own oils and jewelled bottle . Do not be afraid to layer and create your own distinctive scent .

And last but not least is one of the most expensive  perfumes in the world ! Imperial Majesty by Clive Christian . A mixture of jasmine,  bergamot and and and ...... don't remember !
This is not one you will run out to buy for yourself though bare it in mind .... Very unique ❤

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