Oct 27, 2010

Sexy Foundations !

I'm loving my life at the moment ..... feeling  good vibes and meeting some incredible women . One of these creative souls happens to be Nicky Harris .  I adore her fashion stamina and sharp eye and we both share a love for the finer things in life !

I love this saying ..... Give me the luxuries in life and I will gladly do without the necessities..... I don't remember who said this nevertheless I totally abide by it !

Nicky represents Yummie Tummy in Ireland . I met the founder of this divine brand , Heather Thomson , yesterday in the Shelbourne Hotel . I was rather  impressed by this fabulous  woman . We share  similar fashion principals . What she has to say about underwear makes a whole lot of sense .

Heather told us how she started the brand by testing other shapewear on the market . Unable to  find what she wanted , she bought some soft jersey with great holdablity and started to make her own knickers and vests ... and soon she had a demand et viola ....... Yummie Tummy was born !

Heather says ... " Girls , look in the mirror and learn to show off your best assets . She believes in comfort not torture ! Get yourselves a waist !!!  Its so  rude not to accentuate the waist !
As I write this I'm sitting in my office , Cafe Novo , in the Westbury Hotel "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" is on the flat screen . Marilyn and Jane's waists are miniscule !! Marilyn had to be sewn into her dresses back then because Yummie Tummy did'nt exist yet !......

There is a certain modern sensibilty to this brand . Some of my must have pieces include  the teddy and the slip . Trimmed in lace , no need to undress in the dark !!! To quote Heather " From the bedroom to the boardroom " !!!  Fantastique ........
The simple black leggings are simply divine . For those of us who hate our legs they are god sent !
Heather has  now taken her skinny microfibre technology into outerwear . I tried on the most perfect little black jacket and pencil skirt . Wow , talk about power dressing ....  With built in slimming panels , these family heirlooms will suck you right in , in all the right places !!!
What I adore in this fabric is the fact that it moves with you . Its firm , its stretchy . Its a real product for a real woman .

I always compare a silhouette to a  house .... Without a good foundation , you'll never have an amazing house .... and our silhouettes are the same !! We have to invest in great underwear so our fabulous dresses look hot !! Did I mention that Yummie Tummy is also very affordable ....

So Heather darling , thank you for this amazing collection  !!!


Nicky Harris said...

Great links, great content, I have now added you to my blog roll, so things can only get better. LOL N

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