Oct 28, 2010

The Talented Mr.Tim Ryan dazzles again !

During the week I got so excited because I knew Tim Ryan was in Dublin to dazzle us with his new spring summer collection .

Bow boutique in the Powerscourt Townhouse Center were hosts to Tim's trunk show . Oh dear god ..... I do love this boutique full of fabulous clothes and things that I feel I can't live without ! However we 'll talk about Bow another day ....... soon .

My love affair with Tim's knits started many years ago . I must admit I have accumulated a substantial
collection of Tim's beautiful and feminine family heirlooms .

Tim is a quiet guy from Nenagh . He grew up devouring Vogue and is a self taught knitter . I've stalked Tim over the years and watched him become more and more amazing with each passing season . I love the fact that he does'nt abide by knitwear rules .

Tim believes that tailoring has had its day . This guys has always known what women want . He creates bold glamorous jersey pieces . No boring twinsets here ... and if I was to compare him to someone ........ impossible ! This creator has no competition and is in a  league of his own .

His  designs reflect a strong liberated woman . His frocks as Tim calls them , drape and cling to your body and contrary to common belief , they do look incredible worn by a woman with boobs and curves !

I love the fact that Tim is relentess with his approach to yarns and continues to push knitwear boundaries . He insists on  injecting sex appeal and glamour into his knits and for this he has my total respect .

Unfortunately , this little guy moved to London some years ago and I do miss him around town and popping out for a fag with him ! However you will find his adorable collection in some of the most respected boutiques in the country .

Browns focus in London , one of my favorite stores in the world are also proud stockists . Tim is now a favorite with Rihanna and many international celebrities . He features regularly in Vogue . I bet he always knew that one day he would see his divine creations in his favorite publication .

Well girls , now all you need to do is rush to Bow and see for yourselves that lie I not !!

And  Mr.Ryan ..... I trust you will continue to re-invent knitwear as only you can do !!!


Ev said...

Audrey Hepburn attempting to knit in 'Breakfast at Tiffanys' is one of my favourite scenes of that wonderful movie. I LOVE this guy's knits, he re-invented the way we use yarn.

Nicky said...

A true genius, Tim Ryan pushes the boundaries of what can be done with yarn and transforms it into something that drapes a woman's body and looks sublime.