Oct 29, 2010

Trick or Treat ? ........... mmmm ....... Both !

I do love this time of the year .... any excuse to dress up !! Well to be honest I never need an excuse however I do have a few soirees  this weekend and was wondering what do I wear ?

I consider Halloween to be a rather sexy time of the year . Its ok to allow your style imagination let loose and be inspired by your favorite heroine ! I'm thinking Tura Satana in Russ Meyer's Faster Pussycat Kill Kill !!

I can't wait to head to Wigwam in the Stephen's Green shopping center  . I have a strong dislike for shopping centers though in order for me to get my wicked way , I will be strong !!  Because I do admire Wigwam's penchant for naughty  costumes . Some of my personal favorites include Devilish Delight , Nun of your business , Miss Demeanour , Lady Gaga , and the  Racy Romper .

The Pink Lady Versailles and the Gothic Marie Antoinette are so cute . And to be honest these outfits can be worn at anytime only because they are seriously glamourous !

I was almost forgetting the Jonah Hex Saloon Girl costume , pure glamour !!

I feel an instant bond with  these outfits as I simply read the compelling names they carry .

Guys ... you know I never forget you .... And my  delicious , ultimate hero Johnny Depp returns to mind , again and again !  I would strongly  suggest for you boys to  demand the  Captain Cut Throat in Wigwam .

Others of my choice include Clash of the Titans , Wolfman , and Dracula of course .. always tres sexy .

Wigwam are of course reknowned for their wigs . Every self respecting girl should have some wigs in her dresser . And if unlike me , you are precious about your locks , and like me .... are fickle with hair colour etc then wigs are purrfect !!

I seriously need to acquire the white afro ..... Slip into my white tuxedo , jump on my white stallion, remember Bianca Jagger ?  And off I go to  Lillie's . Party number 2 sorted !!

Now ladies and gentlemen , when you arrive  at  Wigwam , please queue in an orderly fashion and if you mention Maria Fusco's Fashion Blog to Lynda  , this cool lady will give you  a 40% discount !!! Wow, now that is a cute treat !  ❤

~ Being in a band you can wear whatever you want - it's like an excuse for halloween everyday. ~

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