Oct 15, 2010

Wow , I am rather impressed ... I finally have a blog !! I 'm looking forward to sharing with you all of  my fashion vices .
My love affair with fashion started when I was 3 years old !! At school trivial subjects such as maths or geography did not set me on fire . Instead of tedious theorems I would happily scribble dresses into the back pages of my squared copy book .
I  never hesitated when asked what I would like to do later in life  ... Obviously I would be a fabulous fashion designer !!!!!
So , after a wee moment in the Grafton Academy I graduated to Esmod in Paris . My intentions were to spend 3 years there and then move to Milan . Mais non .... Paris decided to keep me for another decade !

Watch this space as I will reveal all about  my vie en rose ....................................

The photos I have posted are from Doll , a movie written and directed by the talented Paolo Borza . Paolo is a creative soul who has scant regard for rules . I have lived with Doll for the past 5 years . I styled Paolo's Doll portrayed by the sultry Virginia Macari . Working with Paolo has introduced me to a whole new creative  dimension . I have met and worked with incredible musicians , computer geniuses, designers and photograhers in Rome and Dublin .
During one of Paolo's trips to Dublin we organised a photoshoot with the divine Biba Logan . You will note  from these photos that Biba takes her lense very seriously  .... I adore this woman .

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