Feb 11, 2011


Give a woman a fabulous dress and she will want for nothing more ..... one of the most influential men in my life told me this once upon a time in Paris . I have never forgotten this .
Two years ago I decided it was time to get back to basics and have a fashion show with my own dresses .
I sourced some fabrics from the attic , lets not forget that I am a horder ... I gathered my girls , booked the Four Seasons , and began to sew some frocks .........
I had almost  forgotten how good I felt when it was just me , the sewing machine , the fabrics , a scissors , some lounge music and lots of black coffee.
I am often asked where my inspiration comes from ? It comes from everywhere , life in general . When I enter my creative zone , inspiration simply flows  . I cut into fabrics , I drape on the mannequin , I rarely know what the finished piece will look like until its finished .
My fabric loves include lace , soft leather , silks , and tulle . I like a fabric that feels like a second skin , almost as if you are wearing nothing . I also like a woman to wear her dress and not the dress to wear the woman !

I don't design clothes , I design dreams !
I had forgotten the pure joy of working on a show . Dressing the girls , peeping out at the audience and hoping they are going to go crazy when they see your dresses and applaud like crazy !

 This show was a roaring success . The girls and I had  an amazing time , the show was bizarrely on- time , the audience loved my frocks and the atmosphere was magical .

When I put this collection together , I took a week out of my life , and worked like mad . Yep . I put this together in one week ! Making clothes is very therapeutic , and I love it . 

 Looking at these images , I am feeling the urge to produce another show . I think I have an idea .....

                                              Gorgeous hair by the fabulous Stephen Kelly + Maurice Flynn
                                            Make-up by the talented Vivien Pomeroy
                                           Photography by the lovely Hazel Tracey
                                          Show production by yours truly .
❤ My gorgeous models Shireen , Rebecca , Ignata , Asheena ❤

Slaintia !



Anonymous said...

Darling...you are fabulous..your models are fabulous..your dresses are fabulous..i wish u a fabulous life. love u lots.Anina

emb said...

The dresses....go you, I love them all/another show please so I can go, bravo