Mar 1, 2011

London ......... Savagely inspiring .

I'm just back from London and wow , wow , wow ....... what a buzz . Of course being fashion week it was hectic , or rather more hectic . My most stylish friend Dee Morrissey told me 14 million people come to this city everyday . And I find myself wondering  , is it time to pack my Vuittons and
leave my quaint if not slighlty muted  Dublin  ?

I had a fabulous few days and hung out with some great Londonians in some  delicious establisments such as the Hakkasan . After a long fashion day one of my most gorgeous girlfriends Rachel called and summonsed me for cocktails and serious catch-up to this charming asian bar restaurant . Needles to say , after a rude number of Cosmos , never a great idea on a virtually empty stomach , we headed over to meet another friend Miranda and Co in what I would say is the one of the coolest of london's scottish pubs . I am not usually partial to pubs , however   Boisdale of Belgravia a renowned and lively restaurant, bar  with live jazz every night managed to charm me immmensely .  
We ascended to the rooftop garden , a perfect location for alfresco smoking where we  mingled with some of London's most excentric souls .
The only thing to upset my sejour was to be the oysters and scallops ... or was it the copious amount of grape juice combined with fine cocktails that brought my soiree to an abrupt end ??

Classic treats are a must when in London hence afternoon tea in The Ritz was high on my list of priorities followed by a trip to one of my favorite fashion meccas  Dover Street Market  . DSM I 'm sure you all know is a concept store created by Rei Kawakubo . Rei  combines various designers in an atmosphere of beautiful chaos . DSM is home to some of my favorite labels including Lanvin , Alaia , Anne Valerie Hash and Junya Watanabe . I also spotted a gorgeous basic t-shirt label L'agence , who make tees 100% pur l'amour ! Nice ......
And I was delighted to note they  have adopted  Future Classics , fine purveyors of clever draping and tailouring .
Luckily the fifth floor houses an adorable cafe and if one is lucky , one can savour an americano and contemplate one's future acquisions . Not an easy task !
I almost forgot to mention another of my loves Valextra . This ultra chic brand has been synonymous since 1937 with luxury and sophistication within the circle of cosmopolitan travellers who take their handbags  and cases rather seriously . You can now pick it up in DSM .

I had a great chat with Fada , who looks after the fine and costume jewels on the ground floor . He introduced me to Sharon Alouf , who creates incredible jewellry . She is pretty niffty with black diamonds and her contempory jewels of hammered gold with a splash of tribal , gravely seduced me .
Merci Fada for being a mine of fashion information and I look forward to seeing you at the exibition next month .

It was time to go , my heart was racing . too many gorgeous things on offer ...............

Ensuite  I popped into John Rocha 's gorgeous store . I was greeted by the charming Patrick , who showed me  Zoe 's sweet collection , lots of white tulle and baby dolls .
John's jewellery collection is displayed in Waterford Crystal customised tray ..... amazing !
I fell totally in love with the black crystal room where all the crystal collection is on display .
Then I followed Patrick upstairs to see this season's collection which I can only describe as truly wonderful . Exquisite tailoring in black of course and fine silk blouses with intricate seaming . Crotchet dresses worn over tulle skirts thrilled me to bits . Patrick explained how the crotchet circles are steeped in hot water with sugar to stiffen them . Wow exactly like my mum taught me  years ago .
Girls , if you're looking for wedge boots with a peep toe and laces , look no further . In black , cream and the softest of pinks ....... very very awesome ! You may also take a look at THE clutch of the season , big and beautiful , great leather and wooden thingy at the top .

Next stop was Wright & Teague . Exquisite contemporary jewellery and an exceptionally good looking store . I quickly developed a soft spot for their Nuba collection . this collection takes its inspiration from Africa . Beautiful hand forged collars gaiters and armbands in soft hued yellow gold highlighted with red , rubies and tiny beads . Rings with fine engraving drawn from tribal markings , also irresistible.
Certainly worth a visit girls if you need some fine trinkets .

Its late now and I need to rest my tires limbs hence I shall have to leave you in suspense darlings .............




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